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Budget Hotels Cheap Hotels in Phrae Hotels for Seminar Price below 1000 Baht

Wangthong Resort 2

Address: 291 Moo 2, T.Wang Chin, A. Wang Chin, Phrae 54160

Area: Phrae-City

Wangthong Resort 2 is a new modern budget hotel, located phrae. offers 10 bedrooms with private balcony, air-conditioner, fridge, flat-sc ..


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Come Moon Loft Hotel

Address: 7 Chetawan Soi 1, T. Nai Wiang, Mueang Phrae, Phrae 54000

Area: Phrae-City

Come Moon Loft Hotel is located on Phrae City Phrae, offering 15 guest rooms. Room amenities includes free-of-charge Wi-Fi Internet, Inte ..


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Huern na na Boutique Hotel

Address: 7/9 Sasibutra Road, T.Nai-Viang, A.Muang, Phrae 54000

Area: Phrae-City

Huern na na Boutique Hotel offers 3 floors, 28 rooms, swimming pools, a spa and meeting rooms added value is oke. Situated in the heart of t ..


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Phoomthai Garden

Address: 31 Sasiboot Rd., T. Naiwieng, A. Muang, Phrae 54000

Area: Phrae-City

Phoomthai Garden Hotel 3-star hotel located in the heart of the city for a quiet room All 48 rooms are decorated in Lanna style with clean m ..


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Huern Che Ta One Hotel

Address: 20/2 che ta one Rd., T.Nai wiang A.Muang, Phrae 54000

Area: Phrae-City

Huern Che Ta One Hotel Located in Nai wiang, Welcome to luxurious 62-bedroom with air conditioning and an on-site restaurant. Free Wi-Fi is ..


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Maeyom Palace Recommended

Address: 181/6 Yantarakitrakosol, A. Muang, Phrae 54000

Area: Phrae-City

Maeyom Palace Hotel, is Phrae's top standard hotel, devoted to being the best in town. Time and attention is given to all aspects of the ho ..


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Taris Art Hotel

Address: 69 Rachadamnoen, Nai Wiang, Mueang, Phrae 54000

Area: Phrae-City

Taris Art Hotel is located on City Phrae, offering 100 guest rooms. Room amenities includes free-of-charge Wi-Fi Internet, International ..


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Nakornphrae Tower

Address: 3 Muanghit Road, Phrae 54000

Area: Phrae-City

Nakorn Phrae Tower Hotel a comercial hotel in centre of Phrae stand conveniently in bussiness area, easy acces for attractive place. Hotel o ..


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Mark Four Place

Address: 416 M.9 Phuket Rd. T.Najuk A.City, Phrae 54000

Area: Phrae-City

Mark Four Place Located in T.Najuk, Welcome to luxurious 56-bedroom with air conditioning and Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel. O ..


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Sarin Park and Resort

Address: 222 M.1, T. Vieng Thong, A. Soong Men, Phrae 54000

Area: Sung Men

Sarin Park and Resort Located in Soong Men, Welcome to luxurious 40-bedroom with air conditioning and Free Wi-Fi is available throughout th ..


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