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Kamphaengphet Price below 1000 Baht (8)

Hotels for Seminar Price below 1000 Baht

Baansuanphet Resort

Address: 75 / 1-37 Road Public Corporation, T.NaiMuang A.City, Kamphaengphet 62000

Area: Kamphaengphet-city

Baansuanphet Resort hotel in downtown Bangkok offers 50 rooms with modern amenities and facilities In addition, you will receive a warm welc ..


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Tonnam Resort

Address: 15/1 Moo 2. T.Nakhon Chum. A.City, Kamphaengphet 62000

Area: Kamphaengphet-city

Tonnam Resort The resort is located along the Ping River on Kamphaeng Phet Rajabhat University. Vocational. Hotel offers 18 rooms, each room ..


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Smile Resort

Address: 71/4 M.1 T.ThamKrataiThong. A.PranKratai, Kamphaengphet 62110

Area: Prankratai

Smile Resort is located adjacent to KamphaengPhet Road - Sukhothai. Located just 25 km from the district town of Kamphaengphet district or t ..


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FIG Boutique Hotel

Address: 45 soi2 Thetsaban2 Rd., City Center,, Kamphaengphet 62000

Area: Kamphaengphet-city

FIG Boutique Hotel Located in Thetsaban2 Rd., Welcome to luxurious 29-bedroom with air conditioning and an on-site restaurant. Free Wi-Fi i ..


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P Paradise Hotel

Address: 58 T.Tedsaban 2 , S. 1, T.Nai Muaeng, A.Muaeng,, Kamphaengphet 62000

Area: Kamphaengphet-city

P Paradise Hotel Located in Kamphaengphet, Welcome to luxurious 36-bedroom with air conditioning and an on-site restaurant. Free Wi-Fi is a ..


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Praepimpalai Thai Spa & Resort

Address: 33/3 Moo 2, Nakornchum, A.Maung, Kamphaengphet 62000

Area: Kamphaengphet-city

Praepimpalai Thai Spa & Resort is a 15-minute drive to Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park, Styled with contemporary decor, each air-conditioned ..


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Mai Yai Resort

Address: 114/21 M.6, Chakungrao Rd., T. Srakeaw, A. Muang, Kamphaengphet 62000

Area: Kamphaengphet-city

Mai Yai Resort Located in Srakeaw, Welcome to luxurious 40-bedroom with air conditioning and an on-site restaurant. Free Wi-Fi is available ..


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Green Park Hotel Kamphaengphet

Address: 596/2 Rajdamnern 1 Rd., T.Nai Muang A.Muang,, Kamphaengphet 62000

Area: Kamphaengphet-city

Green Park Hotel Kamphaengphet welcome to the atmosphere in the room and bed and a double bed room clean. with every room is for the rest o ..


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