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Khao Ko Herbary is situated at 137 Village Number Five, Tambon Thoong Samoh, Khaokho District.

Khaokho Talaypu located among the natural and beautiful environment. we have 3 types of accommodations, features Country Lake Home, Rice Field Home and The room soothing.

Every room types are finishing with furnitures, each come with TV, comfortable bed, dining table, and pri  read more.. 

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Khao Ko Herbary


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Type of Room(s)

  • บ้านคันทรี่เลคโฮม Country Lake Home
  • บ้านทับเถียงนา Rice Field Home
  • บ้านริมธาร

Room Detail:

Country Lake Home
This is a one-and-a-half story wooden house situated on the shore of a lake. The upper floor offers an unusual ambience; the lower level has a bedroom, a sitting area, a fireplace, a dining area, and a bath with a teakwood tub and water heater.
Warm Earth Home[Oun-i-din]
This is a one-and-a-half story house, the lower story dug into a hillside, secluded on a forested slope. There is a porch at the front, and a multi-purpose upper story. It accommodates two.
Piney Wood Home
This is a simple compact abode situated in the tranquility of a flower garden beneath the shade of a pine grove. It has a bedroom and a bathroom and accommodates two.
Rice Field Home
This is a wooden house reminiscent of traditional country dwellings and located on the margin of a rice field. It has a bedroom and a bathroom and accommodates two.


บ้านทับเถียงนา Rice Field Home


  The Talaypu Kitchen is free from toxic chemicals. The emphasis is on vegetables and fruit we Khaokho Talaypu folk grow in our forests, fields, and gardens grow. In the Talaypu Kitchen, they are prepared using local wisdom adapted to present-day tastes to be deliciously healthful, pleasing the palate. The Talaypu Kitchen gives such importance to food because food is of such fundamental importance to good health. Even though one's environment, living place, and food are all good, it is still not possible to escape illness, for this is a condition of nature.
  Caring for one's health is therefore a necessity to prevent and reduce suffering. Khaokho Talaypu strives to emphasize a holistic healthcare embracing the body, the mind, and the environment following the direction of traditional Thai wisdom. This is the approach of traditional Thai medicine, which includes exercise, diet, living arrangements, herbal medicines, massage, steam baths, application of compresses, and mental development

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